What is Logiagtor?

Logigator is a diploma project of HTL 3 Rennweg. The aim of the project is to create a website with the help of which logic gates can be created and simulated.

A so-called AND gate, for example, delievers 1 as an output signal if 1 is supplied from both inputs. An NOT gate in turn, simply reverses the input signal. So 1 becomes 0 and 0 becomes 1.

If you connect these two gates, you get a NAND gate and if you now connect a few hundred to several million of these logical gates in a meaningful way, you get what we know as a processor and what is built into every calculator, smartphone and computer.

Our Goals

A brief overview of what we want to achieve with this project:
For every level of knowledge
No matter if you are a bloody beginner who achieves initial learning success here or an absolute professional who needs top performance for his simulations - Logigator is the answer!
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Project Progress

Here is a brief summary of how the project is progressing.
Project Page

The Team

Get to know the people behind Logigator.
Stefan Mikulik

Projektleiter / Scrum Master

Andreas Schlößl

Stellvertretender Projektleiter / Product Owner

Daniel Hofmann


Leo Preissegger


Alexander Mittermüller



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